Tuesday, June 4, 2013

There Oughta Be A Law

I know the USA is doomed when I hear both parties calling for laws to address lawless behavior when there are already laws on the books that they choose not to enforce.

Let's unpack what I just said. A criminal breaks a law and this criminal act is used to inflame the passions of the electorate. These inflamed passions are cited by legislators to justify more laws. Particularly galling are the promises that this time it will be different.

If you're a Democrat, this means you want more gun laws. And if you're a Republican, this means you want tough immigration reform.

The perfect crime should be perpetrated by an illegal alien using an assault weapon. If he's a Caucasian the Democrats can search for a white male, and if he's a Muslim the GOP can search for an Islamofascist. Everyone wins. The government has a subsidy for Chechens to this very end.

And if you're Whig, you get the impression that you're being played by both sides.

Then there's the fact that when these laws actually get drafted they contain "poison pill" language intended to make it radioactive to the other side. The point isn't to get the law passed, it's to make the law fail and in failing inflame the passions of those disappointed true believers the politicians intend to shake down for more donations.

With this in mind, keep an eye on your postbox. Soon you'll get a flier with a picture of a werewolf on it named Hillary Bush or Richard Milhouse Obama. The text inside will tell you that this demon is about to corrupt your precious bodily fluids. And you must send them money to keep your family safe from this boogieman.


  1. I'm in favor of reducing the inventory. For every new law, you have to repeal two old ones.

    1. I like that. Or let's say that for every law the gubmint passes, a politician has his term of office shortened incrementally. And he gets it lengthened for each one he repeals.


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