Friday, June 21, 2013

Another Ghost Story

You may recall my tale of Grandma's haunted house from a while ago.

I have an update.

I was walking into the grocery store near my house and at that moment walking out was my cousin Jerry. This was surprising since I never see him anywhere except at family get-togethers, much less at the grocery. I had written the earlier blog post mere hours before and I told him what I'd written. (He was one of the cousins telling me the house was haunted.)

He smiled and said, "It wasn't just Grandma."


Turns out that he and his twin brother, Larry, were sleeping over at Grandma's house and they were in the back bedroom. After they went to bed, Larry saw something out the window. He got scared. And then both of them saw something spooky. After a few minutes their terror got the better of them and they went running and crying out to get help from Grandma.

They told their tale of spectral visitation and after a few minutes, Grandma asked casually...

"Where's Mary?"

Though the boys had made a huge racket and gotten Grandma out of bed, Aunt Mary had not come out to see what was up. And when they went to search for her, she wasn't in her bedroom, either.

A bit more looking and she came in from the outside, holding a flashlight and a stick on which was affixed a doll's head. That was what she had been waving outside the window for my cousins' benefit.

I guess between Grandma and Aunt Mary they must have had quite a cousin-scaring operation gong on.

Pity I wasn't a lighter sleeper and didn't have more sleepovers there.

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