Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First Post

Welcome. This web site is intended to provide a launch pad for each of the stories of the Diogenes Club. If you're familiar with the canon of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories, you'll recall that Sherlock Holmes told his friend Watson that the members of this club didn't do anything useful.

I think that Sherlock Holmes was able to eventually penetrate the secret of the Diogenes Club. But if he did, he didn't tell Watson. While most of the members of the Diogenes Club would feel right at home at P. D. Wodehouse's Drone's Club, a select few were occupied with exploits more technically demanding than Bertie Wooster's pranks.

I always thought most highly of Mycroft Holmes, but he only appeared in three stories of the canon. I'm aiming to remedy this. The first installment is "The Aristotelian" that consists of an explanation to the Duke of Denver (of Norfolkshire, not Colorado) of Mycroft's qualification for membership in the Diogenes Club.

The second installment is under construction. "Steamship to Kashmir" occurs seven years after "The Aristotelian" and it has another closed-room murder and an international manhunt.

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