Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Faith Has Found A Resting Place

I'm having breakfast with my friend Ed and after we'd finished eating, we went outside and sat in the lawn chairs in front of the restaurant to finish our conversation. The topic included Soren Kierkegaard's teleological suspension of the ethical as well as a more general discussion of the character of deity.

Then I made mention of the leap of faith.

You see, you can see the chair and you can believe the chair will support your weight, but you actually have to sit in the chair and put your weight on that chair. This is a key distinction in believing Christ and believing in Christ. That matter of head knowledge versus heart commitment that us Evangelicals go on about. If you've been around Baptists like me for any length of time you may have heard this.

And slowly, gently, the back legs of the chair collapsed and I tipped back. I ended up resting on my back with my feet sticking up in the air. I was trapped sort of like a turtle until I could extricate myself with Ed's help from the chair.

I hope deity, or the ghost of Kierkegaard, or my old philosophy prof at least gets a chuckle from this story.

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