Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Finding Time Is Human Wave

When I was a tender lad, there was a hue and cry in some circles about this thing called "Secular Humanism." Humanism goes back to the ancient Greeks and it had had a Christian expression with intellectuals like Erasmus of Rotterdam. So, this isn't a Christian versus Pagan thing. In the intervening decades, Secular Humanism has been replaced by something much less Humanistic.

As a tender lad, there were not a lot of dystopian novels out there. The few that were were political tracts, like 1984 (life in totalitarianism sucks), Atlas Shrugged (life in socialism sucks), or On The Beach (life after nuclear weapons sucks--then everyone dies).

But now, they're mainstream like Hunger Games. (Here's a review.)

I didn't like dystopian then, and I don't like dystopian now. Recently, someone asked me if I thought dystopian novels are a sign of the times. I think they are not. My flip answer was that they betoken cruddy editorial policies. A less flip answer is that Secular Humanism has been replaced by something much less Humanistic. (I expand on this here.)

To which I say, "screw that. Let's have some more Humanism."

"What would something like that look?" you may ask. This is answered in part here and here.

You might also ask, "Is Finding Time part of this New Human Wave in Science Fiction?"

I believe the answer is either, "Yes," or "Hell, Yes!"

I expressed Human Wave (perhaps too) succinctly as: life doesn't suck, humans win, we're not all doomed. I promise that in each of Finding Time's stories:
  • Someone wins
  • Nobody's a villain simply by virtue of belonging to some collective
  • Nobody's a hero simply by virtue of belonging to some collective
  • When I want to send a message, I call Western Union
  • None of my stories are metaphorical political or religious polemics
  • All the stories are intended to appeal to the buying public
  • You paid good money for these stories and I aim to deliver value
  • I never tell you what you should like for your own good
It's up to you. I'm not going to tell you how to spend your time & money. If you prefer More Dystopian Blah stories, stay away from Finding Time.

But if those promises sound good to you, I do my damnedest to keep them, and I hope you'll consider Finding Time.


  1. I think it's time I read your story. Since last summer I've be submerging myself in dystopian fiction and cold war era non-fiction. I've become rather obsessed with the notion of winning back the Good ol' USA. Currently reading a novel called "Nine-Tenths. Depressing. Last week I re-read "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress." Before that was everything Ayn Rand. I need a break. Looks like it's time for Finding Time. TANSTAAFL

    1. I look forward to hearing your opinions of my work.


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