Saturday, July 21, 2012

You must wait for Finding Time

Coming 3 August 2012, Finding Time on Amazon.

Here's a trailer:


  1. I will be interested in how you handle the distance factor in time travel. By that I mean that in relation to the universe, the earth is millions of miles away from where it was a year ago; therefore, to travel back or forward in time is also to travel spatially to the point where the earth was/will be in time.

  2. This is something nobody thinks to mention in time travel stories. I never get into much of the details, but the time machine sends a person back to a specific point in space-time. Setting this point requires feeding the machine the algorithm it uses to compute this. (The machine is of alien manufacture and the normal humans can only figure out how to input inefficient solutions.)

    Getting back requires the traveler to find a rendezvous point in space-time, OR carry a come-back device that enables the machine to find the traveler when s/he wants to return. It uses quantum-entanglement.


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